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urban specialists

Disrupting the trends of violence and poverty in urban communities.

For over 20 years Urban Specialists has been working to change the cultural environment of urban communities by stopping senseless violence and helping individuals reach their fullest potential. In need of focused messaging for their new vision, stronger branding, and a better digital marketing strategy, Urban Specialists hired LLYP Studios to help rethink their brand identity so that it could embody their elevated mission and vision. In just 6 months of working with Urban Specialists, we developed a new brand strategy and identity that unites the organization better to deliver its influential message throughout every corner of the community.


Urban Specialists


2022 - 2023



What We Did

Brand Audit

Market Research

Key Messaging

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Strategic Planning

We started the project by spending a few weeks diving deep into the brand perspectives from both inside and outside of the organization. For internal research, we conducted a Brand audit to establish a baseline and determine if there were any inconsistencies within the brand perspectives of the organization.We did this by surveying all staff members and speaking directly to the President of the organization to see if responses were in alignment with the vision and values of the organization.

 For external research, we gained insight on Urban Specialists audience's perspectives of their brand and values by interviewing organization members. We then organized all of the information we gathered and analyzed the consistencies between the information which led to us gaining insight on what was needed to strengthen Urban Specialists branding and development of a new identity.

For brand identity design, we focused our strategy on Urban Specialists key message of being an organization that identifies and equips leaders through training excellence, network building, and pathways for engagement. The logo concept we designed is simple but bold. The double lines represent two meanings of pathways: how Urban Specialists connects the community together and and their internal pathways of learning. It is also representative of the literal streets in the community. The heightened part of the logo represents elevation and the inner icon represents collaboration. The logo brands color system references trust with an urban flare.



On a scale of 1 - 10 How effective would you rate our branding over the last five years? (with 10 being the extremely effective and 1 being the not effective)

We translated research into a brand strategy and identity that accurately shares the Urban Specialists brand message and reflects the impact they are making.

Encapsulated by their new tagline
"Where ChangeMakers Belong"

We also collaborated with the Urban Specialists team to ensure the proper implementation of Brand Guidelines. See Website.