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Secure your first corporate client and maximize your income potential.



diversify your income

Are you an expert coach, consultant, or service provider who is ready to diversify your income with corporate clients, but you simply don't know where to start? 

You're asking yourself...

Where do I find corporate clients?

How much should I charge?

What should I say in my pitch?

What goes into my proposal?

Is my business ready for bigger clients?

These are all VALID questions! That's why I developed the 5-Step Freedom with Corporate Framework to show you how to go from not knowing how to close corporate clients to securing your first deal within 90 days!


Most business programs will teach you how to thrive online, we'll teach you how to build a business that stands the test of TIME. 

If you follow the business-building strategies most other gurus tell you to do, you’ll end up with a growth strategy solely based on social media. Not saying this is bad, but solely depending on this tactic could result in more harm than good in the long run. 

Remember the Instagram and Facebook outage? Statistics show that the average creator and small business owner lost up to $5000 in a day! Many of them panicked because they lost contact with the majority of their customers and IF it had been a permanent outage they would not have another strategy to secure new business.

Statistically, building a business that will be sustainable requires that you have a prospecting and sales strategy that has longevity.

That is why I don’t teach you methods that will have you fighting for clients in a crowded online marketplace. My methods empower you to create a long-lasting business foundation by building relationships with corporate stakeholders that will stand the test of time. 

If you follow the Freedom with Corporate framework, you’ll spend less time and energy trying to come up with clever content to attract clients online, and more time sharing your expertise with corporate executives who already see your value.

don't just take my word for it...

"Less than one month after working with Sherwanna I was able to secure a $5,000 virtual speaking engagement with an EdTech company. I started  working with Sherwanna to rebrand myself and create a more defined version of what my offers would be. I spent a really long time working in corporate, but Sherwanna was able to help me bring all my experience together in a way that I could create a solution for the companies I wanted to work with. What I loved most is that everything was laid out! She had everything I needed to execute the process with ease. I've worked with other coaches before but the way she has set me up for success with her organization, skill, and professionalsm is unmatched!

Brittany King, DEI Consultant


EXPONENTIAL GROWTH: Statistics show that small companies that were suppliers to large corporations reported an average revenue growth of 266.4% between one year before and two years after their first corporate contract.

INCREASED CREDIBILITY: A corporate client working with your business is often seen as a validation of your product or service quality, reliability, and ability to meet specific requirements. Other businesses may be more inclined to trust and engage with a business endorsed by a reputable corporation.

ACCESS TO NETWORKS:  Corporate clients have extensive networks within their industry. Being associated with such a client can open doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.


This intensive provides everything you need: Live Consulting. Flexible Schedule. Winning Templates and Scripts. Proposal Review and Customized Solutions for Your Business. Freedom with Corporate is the missing piece you’ve been looking for to bring everything you've been working on together. 


Get Started with the Freedom with Corporate Intensive and change the playing field for your business forever!



Prospect for Profitable Partners

Identify and activate potential clients within your network who are executive decision makers and who align with your values and expertise. 

Step 2: 

Pinpoint the Problem 

Do your research and find the gap between your potential clients problem and their desired solution. 

Step 3: 

Pitch with Precision

Create a solution-rich pitch that wows your potential client and separates you from the sea of other pitches creating an opportunity for an initial discovery call.

Step 4:

Probe for


Build rapport and Uncover your potential clients' needs, concerns, and aspirations which becomes the "ammunition" for your proposal.  

Step 5: 

Present Your Proposal

Deliver a proposal presentation video or live presentation to demonstrate the solution that closes the gap between where you client is and where they want to be.

You're one click away from being equipped to secure your first five-figure+ contract!


- You're an ambitious professional who is eager to take your coaching, consulting, or service-oriented business to the next level.

- You've been successful in selling your services to smaller clients but you're ready to go big or go home

-You're dedicated to expanding your client base and are willing to put in the effort required to navigate the corporate landscape

-You not afraid of success and closing big deals


- You are a beginner without a clear business focus or idea 

- You're not willing to invest the time and effort it takes to implement our proven process

- You're looking for quick fixes or expect immediate results without putting in the necessary groundwork

- You're resistant to adopting new approaches or are skeptical about the effectiveness of innovative sales strategies



Brand Strategist

About Your Coach:

After spending 10+ years in Corporate America in management and corporate training positions, Sherwanna Livingston turned her part-time personal development platform into a full-time branding and consulting agency. 

Leveraging her formal education in Public Relations and her skills in Sales, Sherwanna has been able to secure over $70k in corporate contract money for her agency. She is on a mission to help other small businesses operate at their highest potential.

With her training, participants learn how to go from hustling for their next client to securing five-figure corporate contracts for their services. Sherwanna offers transformative resources that inspire people to not only build their dream business doing something they love but to leave a legacy behind that inspires many.

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