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utopia washington

Creating a safe environment to shed light on social injustices and shed light on the Pacific Islander heritage.

Since 2009, UTOPIA has worked with QTPI leaders to create a safe, welcoming, supportive, and vibrant space for members of our community to address basic needs, build pathways toward new expanded career and life opportunities, foster a sense of common purpose, and advocate for social justice, education, and overall wellness among members of the Pacific Islander community. UTOPIA hired LLYP Studios to create a fresh brand identity that focused more on its heritage and Pacific Islander roots. 


UTOPIA Washington





What We Did

Brand Audit

Market Research

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Strategic Planning

Ongoing Design

We started the project by meeting with the UTOPIA team to uncover their goals for the rebrand. During our session, we discovered that UTOPIA was looking for consistent branding at every touchpoint of their organization. They struggled with showing up consistently in the digital marketplace and feard that their brand was unrecognizable to their audience. With their goals in mind, we did a competitive analysis of other nonprofits in their industry and then strategically worked on revamping their entire brand identity.

Together we charted a new path that not only showcased UTOPIA Washington's Pacific Islander roots but transformed their brand into a recognizable industry leader.

Impact Made: 

  • Developed a fresh brand identity and iconic logo design

  • Managed Brand for 2 years developing consistent brand assets and campaign graphics

  • Increase social media engagement, impressions, and website clicks that led to increased brand awareness  

After weeks of planning, strategy, and collaborating with the UTOPIA team, it was time to bring the brand vision to life. Together we explored the idea of creating a logo design that emulated a seashell. With a shared vision and a new logo idea, we carefully crafted a color system, typography, patterns, and alternate logos that expressed the concept into a cohesive and structured brand identity.

what we 

  • Social Media Content

  • Annual Reports

  • Marketing Assets (Brochures, Flyers, Banners)

  • Event Programs

  • Envelopes, Stationery, Business Cards

  • Team Badges and Tshirts

  • Internal Documents, Decals, and Sinage


Encapsulated by their new tagline
"Cultivating Pathways Together"

We also collaborated with UTOPIA's web developer to ensure the proper implementation of Brand Guidelines. See Website.


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